About us

MEDCOM is a new way of thinking about electricity. It stands for creative and bold ideas that are turned into reliable solutions with utmost precision.




Who we are?

MEDCOM is one of the most innovative manufacturers of power electronic devices in the world.

For nearly 30 years, we have been delivering solutions supporting advanced public transport systems and power supply systems for industrial installations and the power sector.

Our mission is to change the way people think about electricity. Our products set in motion thousands of public transport vehicles worldwide and guarantee superior comfort of travel.



Solutions for the vehicle market
One of our specialties includes the design, manufacturing, and integration of our own systems for rail vehicles (railways, metro, trams), trolleybuses, electric buses, and other electric vehicles used in all traction power supply systems in the world. We offer a number of specialized solutions intended for specific types of vehicles, including comprehensive drive systems, power supply systems, control systems, and passenger information systems, as well as charging equipment.


Solutions for the power engineering sector and the industry

MEDCOM’s AC and DC power supply systems work with systems responsible for the safety of key industrial installations, power systems, and telecommunications systems. The range of our products for the power sector and industry includes advanced DC power adapters and inverters for emergency power supply systems, energy recovery systems based on ultracapacitors, active filters, and static transfer switches.

MEDCOM in the world

Our products support our customers worldwide. Subway trains in São Paulo, trams in Warsaw, trolleybuses in Gdynia, and hundreds of other vehicles with MEDCOM drives carry millions of passengers per week. In order to ensure direct contact with customers worldwide, MEDCOM also conducts business locally.



MEDCOM is established in Warsaw
Production of a 16 kVA off-line emergency power supply for hospitals begins started
First buffer power supply in the IGBT technology
First railway static converter in the IGBT technology
First implementation of equipment for extreme enviroment
Design of a 30 kW AC/DC power supply module
Production of multi-system railroad high-power traction converters for voltage ranges compliant with the UIC begins
First asynchronous 2 MW drive system
A new factory in Warsaw and a Commercial Office in São Paulo are opened
The E-recycler – a supercapacitor-based energy recovery system
A static converter in the SiC technology
Implementation of the complete SiC technology in the new products. Production of a new line of chargers for electric buses begins.

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