Eco energy

We manufacture our equipment based on environmentally friendly. We want our proprietary solutions to support an economy efficiently managing energy resources, help reduce air pollution, and build a world based on electromobility.

For years, MEDCOM has been developing proprietary supporting the protection of the natural environment:

  • The SIC technology – the use of silicone carbide makes it possible to reduce energy losses by as much as 40% and to reduce the weight and size of equipment by as much as 40%, while additionally reducing the noise level.
  • The E-Recycler – our proprietary system for the recovery of energy generated by braking traction vehicles. The system reduces energy consumption by as much as 20%.
  • Hybrid inverters – MEDCOM’s equipment includes technologically advanced hybrid inverters intended for small wind power stations and wind and solar power stations.
  • Chargers for electric vehicles – stationary and mobile chargers for electric bus batteries.

We follow our own development path and we are not afraid to search for innovative and groundbreaking solutions. We want to develop the technologies of tomorrow together with our customers, while increasing the comfort of life of people all over the world.


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