2nd edition of the Power Electronics postgraduate studies

We are happy to announce enrolment for the second edition of the Power Electronics postgraduate studies. The major is offered by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology in cooperation with MEDCOM.

Applications should be submitted by 20 September 2018 using the electronic form available on the official website of the Warsaw University of Technology. A maximum of 20 students will be admitted for the 2018/2019 academic year and admissions will be based on interview. Anyone who has graduated from a first or second cycle degree programme and holds an SEP (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers) qualification certificate for voltages up to 1kV may apply.

We educate designers, we design the future

The Power Electronics major is implemented within the framework of a model meeting the highest demands of employers and the job market. The one-year training programme, based on 360 hours of practical classes, was developed from scratch by the Warsaw University of Technology and MEDCOM, and is intended to prepare graduates for work on the design, testing and operation of modern power electronics devices. The studies put particular emphasis on familiarising the participants with the latest achievements in the area of power electronics converter topologies, microprocessor systems and their software, microcontroller interfaces, and practical safeguard and measurement systems.

The practical format of the studies guarantees participation in workshops, designing and computer simulations, as well as classes held at MEDCOM’s training and lab center. Students will have access to the latest technologies, components and specialist software. They will also learn about the devices being marketed by our company and the process of their design and production.

For more information on Power Electronics studies and enrolment for the 2018/2019 academic year, please visit



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