Four contracts in Turkey

More trams and trolleybuses with MEDCOM drives will soon operate in Turkey. We are completing four different contracts, under which we will equip a total of 90 vehicles.

MEDCOM cooperates with different entities in the Turkish market, including Hyundai Rotem – a Korean manufacturer of rail vehicles (trams for the cites of Izmir and Antalya) and Bozankaya, a Turkish company (25-meter, bi-articulated trolleybuses in Malatya and trams in Kayseri). 

As part of ongoing projects, our company has provided vehicle drivesystems, auxiliary power supply units and TCMS control elements.

As pointed out by Piotr Wroński, Vice-President of MEDCOM, public transport in Turkey has been developing very dynamically within the last few years and is replacing other previously popular means of transport (e.g. private buses). “We have been operating in the Turkish market for about three years and we have become more recognizable, which results in more contracts. For example, we will deliver our products for another ten trolleybuses for Malatya. Taking into account the scale of investments and interest in innovative solutions, Turkey is definitely an extremely attractive market, which is future-oriented, but also very competitive. Therefore, in the coming years we want to focus on further strengthening our position in the region,” said Piotr Wroński, MEDCOM.

The first two 25-meter trolleybuses with MEDCOM drives already operate on the streets of Malatya. Soon, there will be more. Trams equipped by our company are in service in Kayseri and Antalya. Very soon, test drives will begin in Izmir, too.


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