Medcom at the UITP in Barcelona

On 4-7 June 2023, we took part in the UITP Global Public Transport Summit – an important international event dedicated to public transport. During the fair, we presented power electronics based on silicon carbide (SiC) technology for electric and hydrogen buses, trolleybuses and subways.

In 2050, the European Union will become climate neutral and public transport will be freed from fossil fuels and will be powered exclusively by green energy. The European Union wants all new city buses to be emission-free from 2030.The transformation of European transport is a challenge that can only be met by the joint effort of all the market participants – European cities, carriers, vehicle manufacturers, but also the entire energy sector.

What we presented at the UITP

Medcom’s energy-saving solutions already reach over 1,000 public transport vehicles around the world each year. We presented some of them on 4-7 June at the UITP fair in Barcelona:

  • Drive system and energy recovery system for trams in SiC technology

The system constructed in silicon carbide (SiC) technology has been used, among others, in Hyundai Rotem trams for Warsaw, which allowed to achieve extremely high energy efficiency rates. As detailed tests have shown, trams with Medcom power electronics consume almost 30% less energy in everyday traffic than the other vehicles that have been used so far by the Warsaw operator.

  • Modular drive system for hydrogen buses in SiC technology

The drive consists of a high-voltage switchgear, a hydrogen cell converter, a buffer power supply and a traction inverter. All the components are built in silicon carbide (SiC) technology, thanks to which the drive is distinguished by its small size, noiseless operation and high efficiency. Thanks to its modular design and versatility, the device can be used anywhere in the vehicle (inside or on the roof) and on any type of vehicle (long or short electric or hydrogen vehicles).

  • Charger for electric buses in SiC technology

We have a two-output, stationary charger (traction batteries) for electric vehicles with the possibility of charging one or two vehicles at the same time (dynamic power switching). The device enables remote data monitoring, reporting and archiving, as well as connection to a superior system via OCPP/MODBUS TCP.

During the UITP Global Public Transport Summit the universal drive system of the Medcom electric bus, which has been used, among others, in the 12-metre Solaris nE12 Urbino electric bus manufactured by Solaris for TMB Barcelona was presented. The vehicle is equipped with a traction inverter, a static converter, a high-voltage switchgear and a Medcom drive controller. The bus was presented at the UITP fair by Solaris.

The organiser of the fair combined with the world congress is the International Union of Public Transport (UITP) based in Brussels, whose traditions date back to 1885. It has over 3,400 members from 92 countries. You can register for the fair HERE.



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