New drive and power supply system for EMU using SiC technology

MEDCOM has begun the development of a new “multi-system drive and power supply system for electric multiple units with the use of the SiC semiconducting elements.”

Project execution will take up to 3 years, half of which will be devoted to research work.

“We intend to be the first company in the world to develop a drive and power supply system for electric multiple units using SiC technology. It will be a solution developed from scratch by Polish engineers in cooperation with scientists working in Polish higher education institutions. Close cooperation with our Japanese partner, Mitsubishi Electric, which will deliver the appropriate SiC modules, will also be a key aspect for the success of the project. For some time now, we have been working with Japanese engineers responsible for designing semiconductors on adapting them to our requirements,” says Paweł Choduń, Chief Financial Officer at MEDCOM.

The device will be able to operate with various overhead contact lines and voltage standards – with the voltage of 3 kV DC used in Poland or 25 kV 50 Hz, which is standard in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Balkan countries. “The introduction of our product will be a chance not only to modernise the Polish railways, but also to increase the competitiveness of the Polish EMU manufacturers in foreign markets. Based on the experience we gain during the implementation of this project, we plan to develop more drives and power supply systems in the future, intended for high-speed trains,” adds Paweł Choduń, MEDCOM.

The total cost of the development of the new multi-system drive and power supply system for electric multiple units with the use of SiC semiconducting elements will amount to over PLN 6.6 million. The project is being co-financed from the resources of the INNOTABOR programme carried out by the National Centre for Research and Development.

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

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