Visit us at TRAKO!

On Tuesday, 21 September 2021, yet another edition of the TRAKO International Railway Fair begins. We encourage you to visit our stand (no. B25) and the rolling stock exhibition, where as many as six vehicles using our systems will be displayed.

In Gdańsk, we will present several latest solutions supporting the development of zero-emission and energy-efficient public transport, including new generation power electronics for locomotives, passenger cars, as well as electric multiple units and trams.

Our exposition will showcase, among others:

  • battery charger for locomotives and passenger cars in the SiC technology. A small, very compact, and light device, cooled through natural air convection, and reliable in a very broad range of temperatures.
  • A modern propulsion and power supply system for electric multiple units. Comprising traction inverters and static converters, the system guarantees not only high efficiency and low energy consumption, but also very efficient regenerative braking. Moreover, it ensures very easy servicing and low operating costs.
  • The latest propulsion and power supply system for trams in the full-SiC technology. Another integrated unit in our range, comprising traction inverters, a static converter, and an energy recovery system. Thanks to the use of the silicon carbide technology, the device achieves extremely high efficiency with very low energy consumption and reduced noise level.

Five vehicles with our solutions at the TRAKO exhibition

We would also like to encourage all our guests to see the TRAKO rolling stock and railway machinery exhibition, where as many as 5 vehicles using our solutions will be presented:

  • E6MST Dragon 2 multi-system electric locomotive manufactured by Newag with a set of two converters in the SiC technology, with energy efficiency reaching 96%, high voltage stability, and a wide range of applications. The devices were adapted to be used with various power supply sources, including both a combustion engine and a generator. We considerably reduced their weight and size, leaving more space in the vehicles for other equipment. The locomotive was also fitted with other solutions manufactured by Medcom – a battery charger and an anti-skid control unit.
  • 36WEh Hybrid Multiple Unit manufactured by Newag. Fitted with a propulsion system which saves energy while driving and recovers it when braking, as well as an anti-skid control unit, TCMS, LV distribution boards, a battery charger, and a rectifier, all by Medcom.
  • New PLUS railway vehicle platform manufactured by FPS, fitted by our company with a drive, an anti-skid control unit, and a battery charger with very high resistance to network-based interference and considerably reduced weight, which was adapted for use with state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control systems.
  • Modernized ED74 multiple unit manufactured by PKP Intercity with an asynchronous drive ensuring high comfort of travel, dynamic starting and braking, and lower operating costs. Several other of our products were also used in the vehicle – TCMS, high-voltage switchgear, a cooling system, and a battery charger.
  • Type 111A-30 “Combo” passenger car exhibited by PKP IC, with a converter manufactured by Medcom.

See you there!


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