A look back at the 2019 UITP Summit

The UITP Summit is one of the more important events in Europe dedicated to sustainable public transport. This year in Stockholm, we presented our latest solutions for trams and electric buses supporting low-emission municipal transport.

On our stand, we displayed two drives for trams, including one with a converter manufactured using SiC technology (PSM-55 SiC), mass-produced for Modertrans. This is the first solution of this type available on the market, and a new-generation product – a compact device for simultaneously supplying traction motors and auxiliary circuits in the tram.

Additionally, we presented several proprietary solutions for the electric bus market, including an integrated drive and auxiliary power supply system using HV IGBT technology, a traction inverter integrated with an auxiliary converter using SiC technology, and two chargers in which we also used silicon carbide.

A hydrogen Solaris vehicle with power electronics by Medcom

During this year’s Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, world premières of eco-friendly urban vehicles took place, including the presentation of the new Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen, equipped with Medcom’s solutions.

“Solaris’s new vehicle is zero-emissions. Our drive and DC/DC converter, with a fuel cell to which hydrogen is supplied, were used in the bus. Medcom’s converter enables measurement of voltages and currents in the cell and the battery circuit, contributing to lower hydrogen consumption. Additionally, it ensures communication between the fuel cell and the central computer, which optimises interaction between the cell and the propulsion system,” says Sławomir Jarząbkowski, Medcom.

The DC/DC converter is designed for mounting in a dedicated container, in which an air cooling system with fan-forced airflow was used. Based on the temperatures of the semiconducting and magnetic elements, the airflow is adjusted to the thermal conditions within the container. As a result, power consumption for cooling is limited, along with the level of fan noise.

A new version of the Solaris Urbino 12 electric, in which Medcom’s integrated drive and auxiliary power supply system using HV IGBT technology was used, was also exhibited at the summit. The same drive was used in the new hydrogen bus.

“The development of efficient and well-organised low-emission public transport requires searching for new technologies and investment in innovation. Medcom already has technologies supporting eco-friendly transport which can be used in any railway vehicle, trolleybus or electric bus,” says Joanna Nichthauser, Medcom.


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