Providing technological impetus – a summary of the year 2018

2018 saw the 30th anniversary of the moment we started changing the market of power electronic devices. Within this time, we have developed and manufactured several dozen thousand systems for railway vehicles, trolleybuses, and electric buses operating in all the traction power supply systems in the world. Vehicles equipped with our solutions carry millions of passengers a week within the EU, as well as in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, and Mexico.

International tram and railway contracts, the SiC technology in the Dragon 2 locomotive, the InnoTrans and TRANSEXPO trade fairs, and the premiere of the Moderus Gamma tram are some of the highlights of this year’s events, which contributed to the development of our company both in the Polish market and in the international arena.


38 countries and 6 continents within Medcom’s reach

Today, the export of our proprietary designs constitutes 20-30% of our sales, depending on the current contracts. At present, we cooperate with more than 40 customers from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. Medcom’s solutions are used on a daily basis by the largest manufacturers of vehicles and devices for public transport such as CAF, Hyundai Rotem, Mitsubishi Electric, and Siemens USA, as well as manufacturers of rolling stock operating in the local and regional markets – Newag, Solaris, Pesa, and Modertrans.


The 2018 InnoTrans International Trade Fair for Transport Technology

This year, we attended the 12th edition of the InnoTrans fair – one of the most important events in the railway industry, which attracts both those directly connected with railway transport and people with a passion for railways. During the four days of the fair, we had the opportunity to present primarily the solutions designed in the SiC technology and to see vehicles equipped with Medcom’s power electronics.

Video coverage of InnoTrans 2018 →


A medal at TRANSEXPO 2018

At the International Public Transport Fair in Kielce, we had the chance to present our solutions for electric buses. During the event, we showcased drives for eBuses (FT-160-600 SiC / PSM-42 SiC), as well as the EBC-series mobile and stationary charges in which the silicon carbide technology was used. The EBC-100S stationary charger was awarded a medal in the “Technical Infrastructure” category.

Video coverage of TRANSEXPO 2018 →


The continuously developed range for electric buses and trolleybuses

Electric buses and trolleybuses equipped with our solutions operate in several cities in Poland, including Jaworzno, Kraków, Warsaw, and Rzeszów, in European countries such as Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and France, as well as the Scandinavian countries. This year, we have exceeded the number of 250 manufactured drives for eBuses and thus enhanced our position as one of the key suppliers in Europe. We provide comprehensive solutions for the market of electric buses and trolleybuses – drives in the HV IGBT technology and the silicone carbide (SiC) technology, as well as chargers and charging stations.


Medcom’s PSM-175 SiC converters in the Dragon 2 locomotive

Dragon 2 is the first Polish locomotive equipped with power electronics manufactured using the silicon carbide (SiC) technology. The vehicle was presented on 12 July 2018 in Żmigród and later, at the Innotrans international fair in Berlin.
The locomotive features Medcom’s solutions, including an auxiliary power converter (PSM-175 SiC) manufactured entirely in the high-frequency technology, as well as traction inverters and battery chargers. The innovative design of the converter made it possible to reduce the vehicle weight by as much as 400 kg. In order to achieve higher efficiency of the converters, fast 32-bit DSP microcontrollers and high-frequency magnetic solutions were used. The converters are fitted with an extended diagnostics and operating parameter recording system, and the communication module is equipped with Ethernet, CAN, USB, MMC, and RS232 interfaces.

PSM-175 SiC was designed in way making it possible to adapt it to various input power supply sources – including a combustion engine and generator. This means that the converter can be used in hybrid vehicles with a special combustion module, e.g. on non-electrified route sections. 

Project details → MEDCOM’s state-of-the-art converters in the new Dragon 2 locomotive


Medcom’s SiC technology in the new Moderus Gamma trams

October also saw the premiere of the newest low-floor Moderus Gamma tram for Poznań’s Modertrans company. After the Dragon 2 locomotive, this is yet another vehicle in the Polish market to be equipped with power electronic solutions in the silicon carbide (SiC) technology as standard. The SiC technology improves the devices’ efficiency and limits energy losses in converters, ultimately reducing vehicle operating costs. Under the contract, Medcom will equip a total of 50 new trams (30 single-ended and 20 double-ended ones) in static converters manufactured entirely in the silicon carbide technology (PSM-50 SiC), traction inverters manufactured in the HV IGBT technology (FT-50-600), and the train control and monitoring systems (TCMS).

Project details → A new Moderus Gamma with the SiC technology for Poznań


The past year was marked by presentations of new vehicles equipped with our solutions and trade fairs which resulted in prestigious awards and new contracts. 2019 promises to be equally intense with new projects, presence at international trade fairs, including the UITP Congress in Stockholm, the ENERGETAB fair in Bielsko-Biała, and TRAKO in Gdańsk, and further development of the range for the electric bus market. Our activities will be oriented at providing solutions in the silicon carbide (SiC) technology, which constitutes a significant step in the design of innovative power electronic devices for public transport, as well as the power sector and industry.

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